Charles Herman

Graham Syphers



Airey, Mark Administration BNE
Angelides, Con Capt LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Appleton, John Capt LR35A (part time) Wards contract JUN87.
Archbold, Joanne Flight Attendant DHC8
Ayton, Andre Captain B200
Balding, David F/O LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Balson, John Captain B200, LR35A, DHC8
Barber, Richard Operations BNE 1976-1982
Barron, Robyn Administration BNE
Black, Russell Administration BNE
Blackwell, Peter Captain B200 SYD Ex Coddair.
Brooker, Neal F/O DHC8 DHC8 NOV89.
Brookes, Clive F/O LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Brown, George Operations BNE
Brown, John Solicitor NLK, Director, CEO
Browning, Eunice Administration NLK
Burrows, Jenny Senior Flight Attendant DHC8 DHC8 NOV89.
Charles, Valerie Administration NLK & BNE
Childs, Mike General Manager Came from Coddair.
Christian-Bailey, Bernard Director
Cini, Henry Office Administration SYD
Clampett, Len "Jed" Captain B200 Joined FEB78.
Clark, Mark Operations, BNE
Cleary, Margaret Administration BNE
Codd, Kathy Administration BNE After Coddair takeover.
Couch, Bob Captain B65, B200 SYD
Deak, John Administration SYD
Dodds, Stuart Manager BNE Passenger on the delivery flight of VH-IBD.
Dodge, Peter Capt LR35A (part time) Wards contract JUN87.
Dyer, John Captain B200 SYD
Egan, Michael F/O DHC8 DHC8 NOV89. Also on Sunbird list.
Feltman, Ray Captain B200 Joined 01AUG77. Endorsed by Tony Snel 17AUG77 as third full time pilot. Became Chief Pilot after Tony Snel left.
Ferroff, Costa Capt B200, F/O LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Foster, Ian Captain LR35A, B200 Chief Pilot NIA. Left with Randal McFarlane to setup Jetcraft.
Freedman, Lionel General Manager NLK
Gleeson, Tom Captain B65, B200. F/O DHC8 Came from Coddair. Was last Chief Pilot for NIA. Also on Sunbird list.
Goldie, Ian F/O LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Goudie, Gerald Director Passenger on the delivery flight of VH-IBC.
Grady, Calvin Captain B200, LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Green, Ron Captain B200 Chief Pilot for a time.
Guy, Wes General Manager BNE
Haling, Max Captain B200
Hartwig, Linda Administration BNE Future Mrs Ray Feltman.
Hawthorne, David Captain B200, Training DHC8 DHC8 NOV89.
Herd, Len Sales Rep BNE Former BNE Manager for Pan Am. With NIA for about a year.
Herman, Charles Albert Founder 24NOV17-19JUL77
Hiscock, Shelly Operations BNE
Huckstep, Marg Administration NLK
Hume, Carola F/O LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Humphries, Steve F/O DHC8 DHC8 NOV89.
Hunt, Kathy Administration BNE
Hussey, Shirley Operations BNE
Hutchison, Don Captain B200
Jacob, Russ Accounts BNE
Jarvis, Keith Director Passenger on the delivery flight of VH-IBD.
Jarvis, Judy Director Passenger on the delivery flight of VH-IBD.
Jones, Mark Airport General Hand BNE, Capt B200, LR35A Left NIA to fly for Solair for 4 years. Later returned to NIA. See Update #14.
Karlson, Rob Administration SYD
Kelly, Dianne Operations BNE NIA/QPA
Kendall, Geoff Captain B200 First pilot employed by Tony Snel. Second full time pilot.
Kenny, Ian Director
Kitchell, Virginia Administration BNE
Levin, Paul Freight Manager and Operations Also on Sunbird list.
Lovell, Rod Captain B200 SYD
Lumsdaine, Eddie Captain B200
Matthews, Greg Captain LR35A, F/O DHC8 Wards contract JUN87.
McBean, Paul Airport General Hand BNE Also on Sunbird list as a pilot.
McFarlane, Randal Operations and Contracts Manager 1986-89
McIver, Clive F/O DHC8 DHC8 NOV89.
Meehan, Laurie Administration BNE
Mendam, Rod Capt LR35A (part time) Wards contract JUN87.
Meppem, Brendan Flight Attendant DHC8 DHC8 NOV89.
Millard, Ian Captain & Chief Pilot Mohawk, Capt B65, B200 Was Chief Pilot with Coddair. Served NIA 85-91
Mullane, Damien F/O LR35A (Casual) Wards contract JUN87.
Neal, Kathy Flight Attendant DHC8 (casual)
Newman, Daryl Capt C&T LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Newsham, Barry Captain B200 Joined FEB78.
Nichols, Daphney LDH Partner of Roy Wilson.
Oosthuizen, Susan Administration SYD
Page, Phillip Director
Prentice, Lyn Administration NLK & BNE Future Mrs Graham Syphers.
Pullen, Stan Captain B200
Riddle, Peter LDH
Riddle, Judy (ne Wilson) LDH
Robinson, Gordon F/O DHC8 DHC8 NOV89.
Roseberg, Alan F/O LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Ryan, Tim Captain B200 SYD
Seeck, John Operations BNE
Seymour, Warren General Manager BNE
Shire, Peter Captain B200 Endorsed by Tony Snel as a casual 22FEB76.
Sly, Ken Manager NLK
Smith, Peter Captain B200
Smith, Tracy Administration BNE
Snel, Tony Captain AC690, B90, B200 Founding Chief Pilot and a Director 1974-1978.
Soley, Wendy Flight Attendant DHC8 DHC8 NOV89.
Sommer, Carl Engineering Manager BNE
Syphers, Graham Captain B200, LR35A, DHC8 C&T Joined 01MAY78. DHC8 NOV89. Passed away 16JUN20.
Thomas, Warren Captain B200 Ex Senior Base Pilot/Manager Coddair Rockhampton. Setup Norfolk Pacific Aviation in Cairns. Also on Sunbird list.
Vallance, John Captain LR35A, F/O DHC8 Wards contract JUN87. DHC8 NOV89.
Vanscolina, Rob Captain B200 SYD
Voget, Karen Flight Attendant DHC8 (casual)
Walters, Ella Administration NLK
Williams, Keith Captain B65 Killed in crash of Queen Air VH-FDR 07AUG85.
Wilson, Roy LDH
Wing, James Airport General Hand BNE MAY-DEC87
Winter, Anne Administration BNE
Wood, Greg F/O LR35A Wards contract JUN87.
Wright, Marion Secretary to Chief Pilot Ron Green BNE
Wright, Ted Bookkeeper BNE



Sunbird Airlines was taken over by Norfolk Airlines in March 1988. The following list of Sunbird staff was compiled by Milton Page who was Senior Base Pilot in Cairns when the Norfolk Group ceased operations on 1st March 1991. The list was compiled from his log book and from personal recollections. Note that some staff appear on both lists as personnel moved around the Norfolk Group companies. Names appearing twice have been cross referenced. Additions and corrections will be welcome.



Adams, Phil (?) Pilot
Alexandra, Rob Pilot
Allen, Rob (?) Pilot
Ayery, Mark Pilot
Barnard, David Manager
Black, Phil (?) Pilot QPA
Bonthorne, Mark Pilot
Brooker, Neil Pilot
Chehade, Albert Pilot
Courtney, David Pilot Flightways
Crozier, Paul Pilot NPA Cairns
Eecen, Pieter Pilot
Egan, Mike Pilot Also on NIA list.
Gailey, Denis Chief Pilot
Giles, David (?) Pilot
Gleeson, Tom Last Chief Pilot Also on NIA list.
Gooderham, Rick Pilot
Haig, Greg Pilot
Hannah, Stuart Pilot
Hanrahan, Penny Pilot
Hills, Andrew (?) Pilot
Jensen, Pam Pilot
Jensen, Peter Pilot
Johnson, Nigel Pilot NPA
Karlsborn, Rob Pilot
Kennedy, Peter Pilot
Lansell, George Pilot
Levin, Paul Manager Also on NIA list.
Lucas, Rob Chief Pilot
Manley, John Pilot
Marsh-Booth, Marilyn Pilot
McBean, Paul Pilot Also on NIA list.
McBride, Greg Pilot
Mews, Sam Pilot
Milner, Rob Pilot
Mosely, Greg Pilot
Mugford, Charles Pilot
Mullan, Jim (?) Pilot
Neale, David (?) Pilot
Page, Milton Last SBP
Paine, Brad Pilot
Paine, Dale Pilot
Payet, Andre Pilot
Petersen, Greg Pilot
Porter, Andrew (?) Pilot
Scott, G (?) Pilot
Seckold, Wayne Pilot NPA
Sharp, Frank Pilot Flightways
Sneddon, Mark (?) Pilot
Speed, Jon Pilot
Spiro, Mark (?) Pilot
Stevenson, Jim Pilot QPA
Sue, Barry Pilot Flightways
Tan, Tony Last Manager
Teo, Ralph Pilot
Thackham, Gary Pilot
Thomas, Warren Pilot Also on NIA list.
Webb, Charles (?) Pilot
Wilson, Phil Pilot


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Mark Jones advises: "I started as a baggage boy and Ops assistant to Richard Barber and then went and flew with Solair for 4 years before return to NIA as Captain B200 and Captain LR35. Im now a Type Rating Examiner B737 for Qantas." A duplicate entry for M. Jones has been deleted.
Added a reference to the passing of Graham Syphers on 16JUN20.
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Added B200 Captain Rod Lovell.
Added Ian Kenny, Bernard Christian-Bailey and Phillip Page all of whom were elected to the NIA Board on 13SEP78.
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Costa Ferroff advises that he was a Capt on B200 as well as F/O on LR35A.
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